More Work

The Goldfields Money brand – a 30-year-old organisation with strong ‘Country W.A’ roots - wanted to expand their business into metro locations.

To appeal to the needs of today’s modern, tech-savvy banking consumers, we created a new brand. A brand that was reflective of the current financial market, and armed with the tools needed to deliver personalised products and services with ease.

Our extensive research told us the best way to reach the metro market was to focus our attention towards Gen Ys and deliver on what they expect from a bank. First and foremost were our existing key attributes of transparency and honesty. Equally important is a bank that understands them and their needs, while making the banking experience simpler and more approachable.

So we re-built the brand from the ground up, and Bare Money was born. We developed an accompanying brand strategy, with an emphasis on the brand’s core values. And aside from a name change, we created a fresh, new look and feel, with a design that is minimal, clean, modern and inviting.

At the start of the journey, Goldfields Money was a client where the name said it all. A financial institution with a ‘red dirt’ feel, limited by a regional geography and no real prospect of a metro expansion.

Moving forward as Bare Money, the brand has been repositioned as an energetic and open organisation, with a competitive edge, ready to deliver a unique and memorable brand experience.

Marketforce have transformed our brand on so many levels, without ever losing the essence of who we are and how we work. We’re excited to be bringing our new look, new name, and new suite of modern banking tools, to a whole new audience who want more from their bank." Simon Lyons – CEO, Bare Money