Chicken Treat

How one humble, WA chook, became an international social media sensation.

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Putting some understanding around the business problem, or opportunity.

Once a much loved brand in Western Australia, fast- food retailer Chicken Treat had undergone a decline of sorts over the last decade and was in urgent need of rebranding.

The opportunity was there to showcase Chicken Treat’s new sense of fun and optimism for a younger market.

We wanted to start a whole new conversation with customers, with a view to:

  • Significantly boosting the social following of Chicken Treat.
  • Achieving significant ROI on a relatively small media budget.


Finding a new, creative way to get the customer conversation started.

We’re an advertising agency that doesn’t always talk in the TV channels; instead we developed a programme of social media marketing designed to attract a younger, fun- loving demographic.

Our idea involved a real, live chicken called, Betty.

We set Betty up in a luxury coop, with a keyboard, in the hope of her setting a world Guinness record:

Become the first chicken to tweet a five letter word in English.

For six weeks Betty’s words (or attempts at them) were tweeted directly to Chicken Treat’s Twitter followers.

Chicken Treat 'Betty' Image - Marketforce


How did we go converting the objectives into results?

Chicken Treat’s Twitter following grew from 400 (pre-campaign) to over 40,000 (post-campaign).

Over $2 million was generated in earned media.

Betty’s journey was picked up by almost every major media outlet in the world: Time, Vice, Buzzfeed, Mashable, The Lad Bible, Pedestrian tv, CNN, Gizmodo, NBC, The Discovery Channel, Nine MSM, The Today Show, The Morning Show and The Chaser.

Within a week, she’d officially trended on both Twitter and Facebook, and #ChickenTweet earned over 17,000,000 impressions.

Most excitingly, she was even re-tweeted by the hit U.S series: Orange is the New Black