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The continuing journey of a health insurer becoming a health partner.

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Putting some understanding around the business problem, or opportunity.

The HBF brand has successfully positioned itself as a trusted ‘health partner’ to it's 1, 000, 000 members. However, the brand faced interesting challenges in 2016 and some urgent brand development was needed. The private health insurance industry has become complex, and it’s proven increasingly difficult to grow the pool of consumers who will consider private insurance. Also, with increased competition in the industry, HBF’s market share has been steadily declining. HBF turned to it's creative agency to communicate HBF’s role not just as a health insurance provider, but to highlight the emotional connection and relevance that HBF has with the health of all Australians.

HBF Brand Campaign - Marketforce


Finding a new, creative way to get the customer conversation started.

To create a stronger emotional connection between consumers and HBF, we developed a marketing strategy that moved the conversation away from just “being healthy”. We needed a creative approach to communicate that Australia’s good health was everyone’s responsibility, and in doing so explain HBF’s role in delivering vitally important services to the community.

Our answer was a campaign platform based around the insight that life often throws unexpected questions your way. And when these questions relate to health, having the answers is vital.

The “Are you with HBF” campaign launched in October 2016. It showcased scenarios where individuals find themselves in unexpected situations, suddenly needing to depend on someone else for an answer, and ultimately reminding Western Australians that HBF is uniquely qualified to be their health partner of choice. In January 2017, we launched the second phase of the campaign that clearly defined HBF’s role in providing services beyond just health insurance.


How did we go converting the objectives into results?

HBF has seen significant increase in awareness and brand consideration within the WA market in the last 5 years and the most recent campaign has kept that trend by maintaining Brand Awareness, Consideration, NES & NPS scores.

HBF Brand Campaign - Marketforce