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How the sentiment of ‘giving back’ was coined in a totally new way.

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Putting some understanding around the business problem, or opportunity.

Lotterywest is in the midst of a major market disruption, with new competitors challenging both their product and corporate brands. With the influx of online lottery brands, the rise of sports betting and the interest shown by WA Corporates in the community funding space, Lotterywest’s market dominance is under threat.

However, Lotterywest is not run by private shareholders, allowing them to contribute $882 million back to the community through prizes and grants in 2015/16. So each time you play the games, you’re actually giving back to Western Australia.

As Lotterywest’s marketing agency, we immediately spotted a unique, compelling point of difference worth talking about.

Lotterywest Brand Coin Image - Marketforce


Finding a new, creative way to get the customer conversation started.

By playing Lotterywest games you help make great things happen in WA. This is the premise of the marketing campaign designed to demonstrate the relationship between playing games and giving back to the Western Australian community.

To highlight this link, we showed the journey of coin rolling out of a Lotterywest retailer and visiting a range of WA clubs, communities and events made possible through Lotterywest funding.

An extensive TV buy was purchased around Saturday Lotto Superdraws, providing contextual relevance to our message. This was supported by large format and transit OOH, online films and digital marketing including high impact online banners served in both a prospecting and remarketing stream.


How did we go converting the objectives into results?

Stay tuned. Results will be available in the next round of brand health tracking research.