Saturday Lotto

Bringing West Australians’ Lotto dreams to life.

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Putting some understanding around the business problem, or opportunity.

Saturday Lotto Superdraws have always had a strong presence within the Perth advertising scene. They are significant events for Saturday Lotto, constituting some 32% of total sales. However, they have been in steady decline over the past 4 years with player participation falling and competing jackpots from other games cannibalising sales.

A strong marketing campaign was required to create a stronger emotional connection to Superdraws beyond the prize amount; to inspire people to see a Superdraw as an event not to be missed.

Lotterywest Superdraw - Marketforce


Finding a new, creative way to get the customer conversation started.

Consumer research had uncovered that people had lost the lotto imagination. Winning lotto had become an opportunity to address the negatives in life such as paying off debt and funding school fees. It was our thinking that we could inspire people to dream beyond; revisit their dreams before life got in the way. We needed a creative approach that allowed people to reimagine their Superdraw dream.

So we created the Lotto ‘Dream Machine’.

This Willy Wonka-like machine came out at Superdraw time to shower the community with lotto magic. With the Dream Machine we created a visual shorthand to communicate ‘It’s Superdraw time’. It’s distinct from the other jackpotting games (Oz Lotto and Powerball) and is wrapped up in a layer of emotion synonymous with making people’s lifelong dreams come true.


How did we go converting the objectives into results?

From the sales results it’s apparent the Dream Machine is re-energising the Superdraw brand. The Megadraw campaign achieved a 23.34% increase in cumulative sales when compared to 2015, representing almost $4 million in additional sales, with final sales outperforming the previous 3 years, halting the decline.