The Dark Lord

See how we turned ‘voter apathy’ around in a truly terrifying way.

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Putting some understanding around the business problem, or opportunity.

The second of two campaign streams, our research strategy disseminated the young first-voter demographic from the remaining WA population, requiring a targeted media and creative approach to cut-through to this disenfranchised, world weary and opinionated market segment. An exciting challenge in Perth marketing terms!

Our marketing strategy focussed on encouraging young voters to participate in the 2017 State Election, whilst increasing the number of enrolees.


Finding a new, creative way to get the customer conversation started.

We needed to surprise young West Australians by appearing in places they wouldn’t expect and talk with them, not at them. We wanted to be provocative, overcome their entrenched distrust, and help them understand the importance of voting and influence their peers to share in that sentiment.

Our research and campaign testing showed that some young people think that not voting is okay, summed up by the attitude: “Who cares if I don’t vote? It’s not like whoever gets in is gonna affect me?”


We wanted to convince millennials that if they don’t vote, then they make the path into office easier for poor candidates. Which is a frightening thought.

So we created Dark Lord Murderman Killface The Evil: a fictional evil political candidate, communicating messages of lewdness and lunacy to our target market, supported by a ‘if you don’t vote, don’t complain about who you get’ message.


How did we go converting the objectives into results?

The campaign has received overwhelmingly positive results, with the first of two online video amassing more than 90,000 views in its first week, with thousands of people hereafter commenting and sharing the videos. As a socially driven campaign, The Dark Lord was everywhere that our market could access him, supported by digital marketing and social media marketing that included native content, adaptive social media messaging, and topical content.