Since opening in 1974, we’ve continually refined our services, and specialities, to remain one step ahead of an ever-changing communications landscape.

This really is an exciting time to be in Perth marketing, since there have never been more avenues available in which to talk to customers. Examples include SEO, SEM, social media marketing, mobile marketing, content marketing, email marketing, outdoor advertising, radio advertising, tv advertising, digital advertising and probably three new types of advertising you’re currently aware of which didn’t actually exist at the time of writing!

While there’s no shortage of ways to engage the modern consumer, it’s important we get the fundamentals of that conversation right the first time.

That’s where Magical Logic comes in.

Magical Logic is a unique planning model – combining our strategic, creative and production capabilities to deliver powerful outcomes for clients.

Whether it’s a rebranding project or planning a marketing campaign, our process is flexible enough to fit every business purpose.


To generate the best customer conversations,
we have built a team of marketing specialists who offer:

Data Analytics

Mining and interpreting data sources to drive data driven insights and recommendations.

Business Strategy

Working with business leaders to define how organisations sustain competitive advantage.

Marketing Strategy

Adopting a market orientated approach, we define the optimal marketing strategy and mix to maximise profit.

Brand Strategy

Based on a rigorous approach to consumer, competitor and category understanding and insight we create and enhance brand value.

Social Media Marketing

Understanding consumer behaviour across various social media platforms, we express brands in a contextually relevant and engaging manner.


Through data led key word planning and website optimisation we deliver proven results via search.

Digital Marketing

By combining strategy and award-winning creative we deliver engaging experiences in the digital world.


Creating powerful ideas that work.

Video Content

Our in-house production service, Flare, creates economical, fast video content.

Graphic Design

Ensuring brands have a strong visual aesthetic grounded in contemporary design.

Media Planning
and Buying

OMDWA is the State’s largest media planning and buying service, and Marketforce works very closely with them. (We mean that literally…since we share the same building!)

Our Clients

We work with leading WA and national brands, across all categories in the private and public sector.


We enjoy certifications, partnerships and exclusive relationships with the enablers of modern communication.