Avivo: The R Word

Similarities to this request

  • Strategy – communications, digital and integrated campaigns, business needs, user journey and customer needs analysis.
  • Design and development of a dedicated website.
  • Creative campaign with social and video content:
    • Design and development of a Twitter bot.
    • Creation of digital assets.
  • Social media advice, templates and technology.

About the client

Avivo is a home care organisation based in Perth that is devoted to making the lives of thousands of its disabled and elderly customers better every day by doing simple tasks like helping them do their shopping and helping their clients to bathe and care for themselves.

Services provided

We worked with Avivo on a number of internal and external campaigns, including re-engaging staff, building a communications journey for different areas of the business and are in the process of designing and developing a technical solution to their internal communications and workflow processes.

Other services not outlined above include:

  • Graphic design and typesetting services.
  • Video production.
  • PR (including media training for key staff).

Work example

Marketforce created a campaign for Avivo that was designed to shake the boat and grab some headlines around a very important social issue that stood at the heart of their organisation – the use of offensive words, which degrade Avivo’s clients.

During our research into the issue more generally, we discovered that the words “retard” and “retarded” are used once every five seconds on Twitter around the world and set about highlighting the problem in order to create real behaviour change.

To tackle issue head-on, our digital team created a Twitter bot that replied in real-time to every use of the word on Twitter around the world. Each one of our responses contained one of 12 videos that we produced featuring a disabled client of Avivo or one of their family members explaining what the R word means to them.

When a Twitter user tweeted the word, they received a video and a link through to our campaign website where they could find all of the other videos from the campaign as well as live counters that showed the use of the word and the number of responses that we had generated, as well as video views all in real-time.

The ‘R’ Word campaign is a brilliant example of tapping specific data to deliver a powerful, behaviour-changing message.

Campaign period

This campaign began earlier this year with the Twitter bot running from February through to late March. The campaign website and Facebook page continue to run now.


The ‘R’ Word was picked up by both local and national news, featuring on Channel Nine News across Australia on TV and their owned digital channels. The story was also picked up by ABC news locally and nationally. The campaign received some attention from government, and Disability Services Minister of WA, Stephen Dawson joined the campaign.

The ‘R’ Word reached people in over 25 countries around the world along with over 20,000 video views in its first week.

Please refer to the short case study reel provided below: