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Five Minute Marketing Update – May 2018

By Marketforce
May, 2018

This month we take a look at how long video ads need to be to be effective; the rise of mobile in media consumption; Snapchat’s dabble in augmented reality advertising; six numbers that should guide your strategy; and more.


  • How long should it be? An examination of ad length: 15 vs. 30 secs provides the most up-to-date testing on video length effectiveness.
  • The 5 takeaways that actually matter…from Facebook F8.



  • Vegemite makes e-commerce play with a new range of merchandise.
  • Snapchat is running a new augmented reality ad to promote 20th century Fox’ latest subversive superhero film Deadpool 2.

Strategic Thinking

  • The psychology of colour in business: colour can quickly and unconsciously influence our purchasing decisions, and our attitude to products and brand.
  • The six numbers that should guide your strategy.