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Hit for 6

By Marketforce
January, 2019

We were given one of our biggest canvases yet with the Perth Underground Citylink Tunnel space booked via Go Outdoor by Alinta Energy recently. The brief was to excite and engage the WA public about Alinta Energy’s major sponsorship of the Australian Cricket Team. From the get go, the creative team were excited by the possibilities of the space. It’s not often you are given 120m of hoarding plus the ability to expand with sealed floor decals.

When the topic is cricket, you would not believe the number of puns thrown around the office. There is still a cricket bat leaning against my desk weeks later. It’s a great prop to threaten passer’s by.

Early on in the concepting, a cricket pitch was mentioned. Neil Martin, Head of Art, used perspective to ensure the majority of people walking through had a realistic view of the wickets. The hoarding creative is split into sections showing the field and delivering our on-brand messaging with the signature orange. Walking through the tunnel gave the viewer an immersive experience. The icing on the cake was that the APN screen at the end of the tunnel also showed two different Alinta Energy messages on its rotation. Messaging by Creative Director, Steve Straw.

Senior Finished Artist, Michael Barratt, sculpted, mowed and compressed the lawn and the pitch for the creative. They say it was flat, offered an even bounce and little spin.