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Keep your Saturday Dreams Alive

By Marketforce
September, 2019

Tasked with making Saturday Lotto relevant to a new, younger market, Marketforce Perth has launched its new platform ‘Keep Your Saturday Dreams Alive’.

Says Sarah Sawdon, group account director, Marketforce: “The ‘Keep Your Saturday Dreams Alive’ platform bridges the gap between the older and newer generation of Lotto players by encouraging the new generation to carry forward the dreams the older generation have been playing for. We tapped into feelings of nostalgia to make the Saturday Lotto brand more endearing and heartfelt, which clearly positions the game away from others in the portfolio.”

The first instalment, Eugenes, achieves this by telling the story of a Grandson who keeps the memory of his late Grandfather alive by continuing to play his numbers in Saturday Lotto. When he discovers that he has won Division 1 playing his Grandfather’s numbers, he fulfils his dream of opening a Café and honours his Grandfather by naming it after him.  

The theme of nostalgia is continued with the second installation, Rally Car. This focuses on the relationship between a father and daughter whose passion for building billy karts in the garage grows into a competitive career as a rally car driver using a car purchased with her Saturday Lotto Division 1 Lotto winnings. When watching her win a first-place trophy with her Father beside her, you can’t help but to think back to when her Father was pushing her around in a billy kart.

The first two instalments have launched on TV, radio, digital and outdoor, with further instalments to come.

Andrea Cho, senior brand officer, Lotterywest, “So many of our players have a special memory or ritual of Saturday Lotto, whether it’s watching the first Lotto draw together as a family, using their children’s or grandchildren’s birthdays to pick their numbers or having a shared Lotto dream. We wanted to show how Lotto can create shared moments of connection and celebration, by making dreams come true not just for an individual but for their loved ones as well.”

Enjoy watching one of the TVCs and two of the OOH posters below.