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Life after Jumpstart

By Marketforce
May, 2019
Emily Hooper

My first months at Marketforce have flown by, so I’ve stopped to think about what I’ve learned as a graduate coming into the advertising industry.

  1. Jumpstart will quite literally jumpstart your career. The graduate program run by The Communications Council provided me with the opportunity to gain experience, connections and insights into the Marketing industry. Thanks to Jumpstart I came into this job with an insight into how the advertising industry operated and knowing this was where I wanted to work.
  2. The people around you will answer more of your questions than Google. If I’m being honest their answers are a lot more useful than what I get off Google as well. While it is good to figure things out on your own, I have found that talking to my co-workers always yields a better result. It’s luckily that Marketforce is filled with amazing people who can answer my never-ending list of questions.
  3. Nothing is easy – and nothing should be. Coming into the industry I knew that a lot of work would into creating an ad but being in account service really puts it into perspective. All jobs; big and small are treated with the highest level of attention to detail. While this always isn’t the quickest or easiest way to get jobs done, we always know that the best work is going out of the agency.

I honestly couldn’t list everything I’ve learnt in my first three months at Marketforce, but I sure can tell you that this barely scratches the surface, and I’ve still got a lot more to figure out.