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WA’s first ever Creative Data Lion goes to…Marketforce!

By Marketforce
June, 2018

Cannes Creative Data Lions – not a category WA is known for winning in…until now.

Last week, Marketforce won WA’s first Creative Data Lion, a Bronze, for its ground-breaking ‘R’ Word campaign. The campaign is an example of digital capability meeting a creative idea, which led to genuine behaviour change. Ben, our Head of Technology, explains the process he and and his team went through to reach such an exemplary outcome for our client, Avivo:

The idea of monitoring social media stemmed from a casual conversation about whether users were talking more about Kim Kardashian’s latest relationship or actual issues in our society. Turns out it was Kim. Curiosity got the better of us, so we had to uncover a way of automatically detecting the use of certain words on social media and seeing what data would come out of it.

Leveraging the power of Twitter’s API we developed a simple API of our own that detected every tweet mentioning a selected word or term and stored them in a database. After analysing the data, we quickly realised the power of the data we had at hand – we could now pick up these tweets in real-time and start a direct conversation with the users.

The word ‘retard’ is used frivolously as an insult, and in conversation on social media. In fact, we discovered that it was showing up in our data stream once every 5 seconds, or a staggering 125,000 times a week. We extended our app to include a real-time Twitter bot, that would be able to respond directly to tweets containing the words, ‘retard’ or ‘retarded’ with a video message from one of our campaign ambassadors who represented people living with a disability.

Running a bot on social media in an age where bots are the target of such a high level of scrutiny was a challenge. We had to optimise our algorithm daily to ensure that we complied with Twitter’s strict limits and user requirements.

As difficult as it might have been, what fun is a digital project if you don’t get to pull on a hoodie and hack away at the boundaries of what’s possible?

As our new CCO, Paul Coghlan, said: “The ‘R’ Word campaign is a brilliant example of tapping specific data to deliver a powerful, behaviour-changing message. The project is a clear demonstration of our business’s pivot towards data-led, world-class creativity.”

Watch the R-Word case study.   Go to the campaign page.