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We are here to help with your organic social

By Marketforce
September, 2019

Emily Talbot

Social Media Coordinator

I graduated university with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising and public relations. I was fortunate enough to land a full-time job straight out of uni, as a Marketing Coordinator. In this role I was responsible for several duties including managing all communications, assisting with events, graphic design, website management and sponsorship. However, social media management was the part I enjoyed the most as it allowed me to be both creative and strategic.
I’ve recently started a new role at Marketforce as the Social Media Coordinator. It is really exciting to be part of a new division here and to be able to see it grow from the ground up.
My top tips to companies that are looking to improve their social platforms would be:

– Establish your tone and voice
– Post regularly but remember quality > quantity
– Find a balance between promotional and inspirational posts
– Practice social monitoring and social listening
– Review page analytics regularly and update social media strategy accordingly

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