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Why your brand is more than just a logo

By Marketforce
May, 2019

Chantelle Malone

Your brand is your unique source of competitive advantage and it’s much more than just a logo. Your brand is your strategy, call to action, customer service, your voice, communication tools, your people, facilities, logo, and visuals. A brand is every single detail of your company, from your vision to culture to your interaction with the world. Your business and the way you communicate it, is how your brand is identified and remembered.

Your brand becomes a personality and it’s responsibility to resonate with people on a deeper level than just some colours and a beautifully styled logo is a key element of your business success.

When developing a brand consider these points:

Your brand should be REAL.

Your brand makes a lasting impression on your clients and potential clients if it’s constructed out of ideas that the brand can actually deliver. Follow through is important and genuine delivery of what your brand promises is key. As the saying goes, ‘honesty is the best policy.’

Your brand needs to be MEANINGFUL.

It’s essential that what your brand offers is relevant to the customers you’re targeting. When you address your customers pain points with focus and clarity, you’ll find that converting clients comes naturally. People are looking for connection and and an experience. You want people to feel your brand and connect with what you’re offering.

Your brand needs to be DIFFERENT.

Ideally you want your brand to be genuinely different from your competitors. There may be 10 people offering similar services or products in your area but you have a unique opportunity when developing your brand, to choose what might make you different and clearly communicate that. Find your edges and work to your unique strengths.

From here you can begin to develop your visual brand. Taking into account all the parts of your brand personality a good logo seeks to start the conversation with your customers, a great brand will convert.

Components of a brand:

  • Name and visual identity (logo)
  • Mission/vision/brand personality
  • Visual look and feel
  • Social media voice and interactionPhysical building/facilities/presence
  • Public relations and news
  • Customer relations and service
  • Communications: digital, print, advertising etc
  • Word-of-mouth

A good logo is nothing if not applied well and consistently across the variety of platforms you choose to use. Taking time at the beginning of the brand process to think about more than just the colour or font of your logo will mean that instead of just a pretty face, you get the whole package.