Celebrating 25 Years with iiNet

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Marketforce took iiNet through their evolution as a brand and the nostalgic technology we’ve all used to access the internet over the last 25 years.

Concepting a celebration of iiNet’s 25 year milestone along with their commitment to customer service brought many a fun #throwback to devices and sounds we all remember from our childhoods. Although some Marketforce staff were unsure what the dial-up sound was!

Thank you to the teams at Sandbox and iiNet for a successful collaborative effort on this great spot.

Creative Director: Paul Coghlan
Art Direction: Lauren Regolini
Agency Producer: Nic Beer
Strategic Client Director: Carly Willcox
Director: Richard Vilensky
Sandbox Producer: Jenny Crabb
DP: Allan Myles
Designer: Clayton Jauncey
Costume: Kylie Clifford
Offline: Tony Bannan
VFX: Tony Bannan, Jaemie Manners
VFX support: Denzil Heeger
Online Edit: Jaemie Manners
Colour Grade: Jaemie Manners
Sound Design: Brad Habib, Soundbyte