Face Your Waste

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The amount of waste going to landfill is a growing concern. Australians send more than 20 million tonnes of waste to landfill every single year. The same types of environmental messages have been around for years and it is perceived that the problems are not easily fixed. People have “tuned out” therefore more needs to be done to spark interest to do better. Once waste is no longer visible, it is easily forgotten and dismissed. We just put things in the bin and the council takes it away. It’s out of sight and out of mind. Unless we can see it, we won’t do anything about it. We need impact and disruption to get people’s attention and strong consequences to change behaviour.


As individuals we all contribute to the problem of growing waste.

Only as individuals reducing our waste, can we make a real difference to this issue.

We need people to take responsibility of their own actions.  Out of this thinking, our campaign line was born: FACE YOUR WASTE

We want to confront people with the amount of waste they produce and then give them the tools to fix it. Combined with a multi-channel advertising approach confronting people with the amount of waste they produce, we custom built 20 x clear household bins designed to help people and the community as a whole “face their waste”.


On a limited budget, the “Face Your Waste” message has reached over 1.1 million people in only a 6-week period. This was achieved not only by the paid out of home, online and social media campaign, but earned media via news coverage on Channel 7, Channel 9, 6PR, ABC and many other channels. Brand awareness was gained helping build on the important waste message and starting the waste conversation at a household level. Awareness leading to education leading to better understanding. Over a 6-week period, we have already had 254 sign ups to be clear bin ambassadors and achieved 344 followers to our Facebook page.