Powerball brand refresh

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Lotterywest conducted research into how to boost player numbers for Powerball, which resulted in changes to the game structure. Players wanted higher level jackpots and the chance to win a prize more often. Together with the poor differentiation between Lotterywest’s game portfolios, this gave us the opportunity to refresh the entire Powerball brand.


Winning Powerball can get rid of a lot of life’s problems.  But it also creates a lot of problems that you’d actually like to have. Like trying to find a parking spot for your private jet, or not being able to fit all your luxury sports cars in your garage.

This new brand platform encourages everyone to get some Powerball problems in their life, and span’s all channels including social, digital, TV, radio, outdoor, experiential, and point of sale.


Since the launch, Powerball has continually achieved its sales targets, increasing sales by 21% in the first week – that’s equivalent to $510k.

We also grew marketshare above the year to date average.