The Amazing South Coast

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The Lower Great Southern region of Western Australia comprises the main towns of Albany, Denmark, Mt Barker, Walpole and Bremer Bay, each with its own attractions and characteristics. With these locations, each handling their own independent tourism marketing, efforts were fragmented and inefficient. In recognition of the need for a stronger, collaborated effort, The City of Albany, Shire of Plantagenet and Shire of Denmark came together to form the Lower Great Southern Economic Alliance and appoint Marketforce to develop a destination marketing strategy and unique brand identity for the region.


In order to develop a new regional name and brand identity, we must firstly understand what motivates people to visit the region and identify its unique characteristics. Through comprehensive research and stakeholder engagement, we established that the region was clearly recognised for its amazing natural attractions and beauty. People saw the region as a slow-paced, nature based escape where they could reconnect and recharge. The ability to escape their everyday life, explore and discover new places. These key characteristics helped define the new regional brand’s personality and values.

A new regional name was needed to help unify the various towns and think beyond their own “interests”. The region’s name would be the starting point for the new regional brand and the existing term “lower great southern region” was very bureaucratic and uninspiring to potential visitors and tourists. From here, The Amazing South Coast was born.


The new regional logo is the starting point for the new brand, representing all the region offers potential visitors. The font-based approach was strategically chosen to help the logo let the amazing footage and imagery showcase the region and not conflict or compete. The hand-crafted nature of the font best represents the raw / authentic / natural offerings throughout the region. Turning the “i” in Amazing into an exclamation point helps re-enforce the awe-inspiring “WOW” experiences one can expect when visiting the region.

The new regional brand offers a unique opportunity for potential tourists to experience amazing. Whether this be amazing natural beauty or amazing food and wine or amazing historical experiences, the brand and creative campaign challenges you to discover your own version of “amazing” and add it to your next adventure via the newly developed, customised regional website.