West Coast Fever

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West Coast Fever were ready to start selling memberships for their new season. And even though there had been a lot of changes to the team, they were looking for a big improvement in their on-field performance and overall ticket sales.
This meant they needed a confident new look and a vehicle for social media engagement.


Primary research and industry insights told us that netball was faster, louder, more aggressive and intense than people assumed it to be. Ticket purchasers often left games surprised and in awe at the skill levels and athleticism of the players.

So we created the #gotgrit campaign to highlight the genuine grit, athleticism and intensity of the game.


The campaign imagery has received high levels of praise throughout Netball WA and stirred up pride and passion in the players and supporters.

To date, the campaign has helped to generate:

  • 850 million reach in PR
  • 68.6% increase in online video views
  • 20% increase in Perth Arena crowds
  • 16.59% increase in Instagram followers
  • 6% increase in memberships